Recycled Glass Tile – an earth friendly decision

Are you looking for a unique and eco friendly tile?  Recycled glass can be an absolutely stunning choice in materials.

The tiles are made from post-consumer and/or post-industrial sources.  Glass tiles are a durable, versatile and gorgeous alternative to other tile options.

Just look at this fabulous shower stall as featured on Eco-Friendly Flooring’s website. It doesn’t matter if you have conservative taste or if you lean toward a more eclectic style – glass tile can accomodate your taste in decor.

Here are some companies that sell recycled glass tile for those of you in the market.  It’s worth a look at some of the breathtaking possiblities even for those of you who aren’t simply for knowledge’s sake, you never know when an acquaintance of your might be considering a remodel project and you can let them know about this fabulous alternative!

Eco Friendly Flooring

Stardust Glass

Sandhill Industries


If you have done a project in recycled glass – I’d love to feature it! Just let me know :-)

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  1. jason
    jason says:

    very beautiful and a great work with glass tiles and the pictures shows the creativity with it …..a project handled nicely…

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